The Better World Challenge

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Ryan Robledo

"I think it’s very easy for a lot of us to get lost in our day-to-day lives. It almost becomes normal for us to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around us and there’s a lot work that needs to be done in our world. This podcast does a really good job at bringing me down to earth and realize that I should be putting more focus on bettering our world and even myself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PODCAST!"

Jaymen Beall

"Excellent podcast that highlights the importance of creating a better world for all. After every episode, I feel inspired to be a leader for social impact. If you crave positivity and empowerment I highly recommend listening to this podcast!"

Maddy Reznick

The Better World Challenge is the pod I’ve needed in my life. As a person in the public sector career, it is so REFRESHING to hear positive news that informs me of the other great projects people are working on in all of the sectors that I wouldn’t have otherwise known!