Our Story

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The Big Idea

Justin can still remember it like it was yesterday, but it was a little over a year ago, April 2019. He was about to sleep on a weeknight, but this idea popped into my head; start a blog called The Better World Challenge. Why The Better World Challenge? Well, at the time, he had just finished reading The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau, and one of the recommendations he had at the end of the book was to start a blog. So that’s what he did.

During the beginning of 2019, he posted inspirational videos on Instagram, trying to add positivity to a more often than not, negative media cycle. The Better World Challenge's original aim was to spread positivity and hope. But it has evolved to not only but spreading positivity, but encouraging community action and personal development.


He had no clue how to start a blog or anything related to website development. But, he watched hours of Youtube videos discovering how to do it. Eventually, the website up and running. Throughout the first year of The Better World Challenge, he wrote weekly blog posts focused on personal and community development.


One of the pillar values of The Better World Challenge is and always will be community engagement. A majority of Justins personal development has come through community engagement experience including:

  • Volunteered, interned, and worked at multiple Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member of InspireONE

  • Helped raise $10,000 in a month to continue education for students in Buikwe, Uganda

  • VP of Philanthropy and Community Engagement for Alpha Sigma Phi

  • Received Most Outstanding Community Service Award from Fraternity and Sorority Life Award Ceremony

  • Coached 7th and 8th grade boys basketball for two years

  • Interned with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Barcelona, Spain in their Programs and Grants Department

  • Worked at the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement coordinating volunteers to nonprofits in Eugene/Springfield

A year after it all started we were all locked up in quarantine, polarization was at a new level, and global optimism was diminishing. With the help of Colin Jeffers, I revamped the entire website. The Better World Humans podcast was born. 

The Better World Challenge, in a nutshell, is a company that inspires, connects, and challenges people to become more environmentally and socially responsible. How? A user-friendly layout that makes it easy to challenge ourselves to become better humans and a podcast that highlights people working in making in difference in five areas of service:

  • Education

  • Human Rights

  • Sustainability

  • Poverty Alleviation

  • Public Health

Our focus areas in the community are inspired from the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement at the University of Oregon.


Why The Better World Challenge? Because making the world a better place is a community effort. We can choose to accept all the negativity in the world or acknowledge it and grow. Of course, the world isn’t a perfect place, but we must do our best to bring positive change to our communities. How is a change going to happen if we sit back and do nothing? The Better World Challenge exists to be an outlet for hope, action, and change.


Together we can truly make a difference.

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