Challenge Yourself

To make a positive difference in your world. There is a lot in this world we can't control, but we can control two things: our attitude and actions. We can look at the world and complain. Or we can take action with a positive attitude to make the world a better place. Below you'll find two different month-long challenges you can complete to become a better person.


Anyone can make a difference in this world, including you!

Are you a Better World Human who want to make a positive impact on the Lane County community? Then this challenge is perfect for you. We've connected with four different non-profits to support during this Holiday season. Their needs vary and it's possible for any human to help these wonderful organizations. Our community becomes stronger when we support inspiring organizations doing life-changing work. Be a part of the these non-profits stories by contributing in whatever way you can to their mission. 

November 3

, 2020. One of the most important elections of all time. The purpose of this challenge is to equip, inspire, and keep you accountable for having your voice heard in November. It's our responsibility to vote for leaders and propositions that will benefit humanity and our planet. We must vote as our lives depend on it. This challenge will be all you need to get your voice heard and inspire others to share there's as well. Together, we can make the world a better place.  

COVID-19 has fractured communities throughout the United States and the world. We aren't able to attend our favorite, events, restaurants, and venues in the same fashion. Humans are social beings and we need connection to each other. The purpose of this challenge is to connect us to the communities we live in a safe manner. It's easy to forget how much we all have in common with another. I invite you to take this challenge and give back to your community with the hopes of reminding you of why it's so great to be a human being where you are. 

Black Lives Matter. For over 400 years Black people have been enslaved and oppressed in America. It's time to stop ignoring the problem in front of us. This social justice awakening is long overdue and it's time to educate ourselves on the injustices Black people face in everyday America. The goal of this challenge is to continue the movement and education on how we can all strive to be allies to Black's and people of color. The BLM Education Challenge can be done by anyone, from anywhere in the world. Let's do this for all of humanity.  


The Better World Challenge


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