How to participate in the
Black Lives Matter Education Challenge

It's time to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and educate ourselves on race and racial inequality in the United States. The first-ever Better World 'Challenge' is focused on educating ourselves on Black people's experience in America. There are five different challenges listed below, and you'll have the entire month of July to complete these challenges. The goal is to consume at least one piece of content from the menus below and share your experience with our community forum. The goal is to continue our education on the racial injustice in the United States and create a conversation on how we can move forward in a more racially equitable society.


Starting from the date you are reading this, commit yourself to consume at least one piece of content from each challenge below by this date next month once you have completed the challenge and post about it on the community forum. Example questions to answer can be: What did you learn? What actions are you going to take in the near future? How have you seen racism show up in your life? But it's really a space for you to reflect on what you've learned and how you are a better human because of it. 

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To go further and learn from even more resources check out this resource guide created by Addie Lacewell.

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Over the month of July, you'll need to complete these five different learning actions to complete the challenge. After each challenge you complete, post on social media, and tag the @thebetterworldchallenge on Instagram and Facebook. Also, tag some of your friends to complete the challenge. Together we can continue the movement of educating ourselves on the experience of Black people in the United States. 

First Challenge

Watch at least one Movie from the menu below

  1. Fruitvale Station (2013)
  2. Blindspotting (2018)
  3. 13th (2016)
  4. I am Not Your Negro (2016)
  5. Sorry to Bother You (2018)                      Movie descriptions

Fifth and Final Challenge

Have a Conversation

A better society comes from difficult and uncomfortable conversations with our friends and families. Talk to the people in your inner circle about what you're learning from the Black Lives Matter Education Challenge. If we are going to heal as a nation, unite, and move forward we must continue educating ourselves on diverse perspectives.