How to participate in the
Community Connection Challenge

It's almost been six months since COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. It can be overwhelming and disheartening to see the tragedies in the news cycle every day. The purpose of this challenge is to connect us to the communities we live in. That's where we can make a real change. Of course, while you are completing these challenges, please wear a mask and respect the CDC's health guidelines to keep all members of the community safe. Together, we can overcome this nasty virus and unite our communities. It's going to take work, but we can do it, if we do it together. During the month of August, you'll need to complete these five different community actions to complete the challenge. After each challenge you complete, post on social media, and tag the @thebetterworldchallenge on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tik Tok. Also, tag some of your friends to complete the challenge. Together we can start a movement to make our communities a better place.

First Challenge

Donate Blood

Want to help save a community member's life? Donate blood. It's always been imperative to donate blood, but during times of a pandemic, its essential for hospitals to have sufficient blood supplies. Even if you're in a shelter in place location, you still can donate blood. Check out the Red Cross website to find out more.

First Challenge (Alternate)

Blessing Bags for Homeless

If you're not able to donate blood that's okay. An alternative to donating blood is creating a to create a blessing bag for the homeless. Check out this great Infographic to inspire your bag. You can either give the back directly to someone who is unhoused or a local shelter near you.

Second Challenge

Connecting with Seniors and the Vulnerable

Social distancing can leave us feeling isolated and alone, especially for the elderly and vulnerable population. Take time out of your day to call or write a letter to an elderly or vulnerable person in your life. By showing that you care for and are thinking of them, it will give them hope that they will get through these challenging times. 

Third Challenge

Community Cleanup

Take a walk in your neighborhood or a local park for at least an hour. While you're going on that walk, bring a trash bag and pick up as much trash as you can find. Imagine if everyone in your community were to participate? There wouldn't be any trash! I understand you weren't the one who littered, so why should you pick it up? To live in a cleaner community that everyone is proud of. Make it fun, bring a friend, wear a mask, and together we can all create a cleaner community.

Fourth Challenge

Donate Food to a Local Pantry

Donate extra food that you have in your pantry to a local pantry or organization in your neighborhood. The United Nations projects that food insecurity worldwide could double because of COVID-19. Many food banks and local organizations are stepping up to fill this void, so join the movement! If possible, you could also buy a pizza or donate food to frontline workers. Make sure to call the organization before making a donation!

Fifth and Final Challenge

Community Enjoyment Day

Let's have fun with this last one. Wherever you live enjoy what your community has to offer. A few suggestions are to grab take out from your favorite restaurant and eat in a park. Or you could go on a hike on your favorite trail. The purpose of this challenge is to reconnect with the beauty of the community you live in!

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The Better World Action Plan!

Remember to spread the word after you complete every challenge. On Instagram tag @thebetterworldchallenge and on Facebook tag The Better World Challenge.

  1. Take a photo of you donating blood and encouraging others to give as well!

  2. Connect with seniors or a vulnerable member of your community. Post about who you connected with and the experience you had with it.

  3. Post a picture of your trash bag after your walk, don't cheat! ;)

  4. Post a picture of the food you're donating to your local food pantry.

  5. Post a photo, story, or update on how you enjoyed the community you live in.