God-Snacked and Community Goodness in Small Town California

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Being homeless isn’t easy. Especially when a global pandemic occurs and all of a sudden, the resources surrounding you are even more limited. Fortunately, people like Jacki Cahill and her husband Tom Cahill, are doing their part to make the unhoused community feel loved.

The Cahills experienced a tragedy in 2018 with the death of their son. While going through this immense pain and sorrow, Jacki asked herself, “how can I comfort people going through tough times?” Eventually, God gave her the answer: provide food for people while making them feel loved. As a result, God-Snacked was born.

Jacki began cooking meals every Sunday to bring to the Mckinleyville, CA, homeless population. “We started driving around each week; it took some time to develop trust, though. But once we built that trust, they began to look forward to the meals packed with love.” Jacki and her husband were relentless in the mission. Give love through hot meals to Mckinleyville’s homeless population.

What started as a hot meal every Sunday, turned into feeding the homeless population six days a week. In the beginning, the Cahills were paying the dinner costs out of their own pockets. When word got around, The Fieldbrook Community Church began pitching in money as well. But, once social media caught wind of their generosity, the donations came trickling in. “Since March 23, they’ve raised $1,700 and served 1,300 meals.”

Quite the impressive community feature from a small-town couple. As God-Snacked continues to grow, the mission will always stay the same: Love God, Love People. They are providing homeless population love through hot dishes. Jacki wants everyone to know, “that anybody can do it anywhere. All you need is a heart, a budget, and a kitchen.”


Email: jackideec@yahoo.com

Cell: 707-498-8996

Facebook: Jacki Libolt-Cahill

Want to donate? Venmo: Jacki Libolt-Cahill

Jacki and Tom are happy to train other Christians who might like to run their own God-Snacked kitchens.

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