It Takes A Community To Build A Better World

June 26th, 2020. The official launch of The Better World Challenge. Before the year ends, we wanted to tip our caps and recognize all the incredible people who have helped bring The Better World Challenge to life. There’s an old saying “that it takes a village to raise a child,” and we say it takes a community to build a better world.

The Better World Challenge has taken many forms in its early progress as an organization, and the list of people below represents those who were giving advice before the official launch:

Constant dialogue and conversation with extraordinary humans are how The Better World Challenge continues to march forward. The people below have dedicated many hours of their time to see The Better World Challenge mission come to fruition.

Collaboration and connection are how we drive change and build a better world. We’ve recently been able to have a few team members contribute countless hours of incredible work to continue driving The Better World Challenge forward.

The Better World Challenge would not exist without the moral support from my wonderful girlfriend Addie Lacewell and my inspiring parents Jim and Keri Furtado.

How could we possibly provide value to our community without our insightful and inspiring podcast guests? Here’s a list of amazing better world humans who have been guests on the podcast this year.

  • Kayden Echols (Health Coach at Echols Health)

  • Matt Cendejas (Lost Coast Plastics Founder and Podcaster)

  • Hannah White (Coordinator of Leadership and Community Engagement at the Holden Center)

  • Maddy Reznick (Program Manager at Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition)

  • Chris Cohen (Founder of Powerfill)

  • Kellie DeVore (Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Lane County)

  • Shelly Galvin (Director of Engagement and CSR at CBT Nuggets)

  • Jaria Martin (JD/MSW Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin)

  • Mike Cloughsey (Director of Forestry at Oregon Forest Resources Institute)

  • John Bailey (Professor at Oregon State University)

  • Ben Clark (Professor at University of Oregon)

  • Sabrina Gordon (President of Eugene Education Association)

  • Matt Sorensen (CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley)

  • Bev Smith (Executive Director of Kidsports)

  • Holly Andersen (Director of Youth Development at Eugene Family YMCA)

  • Paul Solomon (Executive Director of Sponsors Inc.)

  • Kevin Alltucker (Professor at University of Oregon)

  • Michael Hames-Garcia (Professor at University of Oregon)

  • Carrie Copeland (Education and Program Director at Food for Lane County)

  • Sarah Koski (Executive Director of Love for Lane County)

Oh yes, and our wonderful blog contributors as well!

And, of course, our very own better world humans who have participated in our challenges this year!

  • Jackson Staples

  • Eilish Mcnulty

  • Amanda Zacharda

  • Karly Nowak

  • Jordan Chasescott

  • Keri Furtado

  • Jim Furtado

  • Jaymen Beall

  • Shalin Shah

  • Maddy Reznick

  • Mike Platis

  • Katie Owens

For those who have come to our recent Better World Network events!

  • Jordan Chasescott

  • Matt Cendejas

  • Jaymen Beall

  • Ryan Robledo

  • Shalin Shah

  • Alex Wilson

  • Katie Owens

  • Arden Saravis

  • Karsyn Kapur

  • Avi Kapur

  • Addie Lacewell

Last but certainly not least, our community partners who participated in the Lane County Holiday Helper Challenge!

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