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Thank You To Those Who Often Go Unthanked

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Today is Thanksgiving and after the ways, 2020 has broadened my perspectives, I can’t help but think about the true privileges in my life: I am celebrating this holiday on indigenous land, eating food that was grown and harvested by agricultural workers in a time where the economic struggle is common.

I want to preface by saying: I am NOT an expert. I am simply a white girl trying my best to educate myself and reflect on the world that I actively take part in as an ally with those underrepresented. I want to make this world better for others, sharing the narratives of those often oppressed.

One way I can make a difference is by educating myself and sharing resources along the way.

Today I am thinking of three groups of people: all nobler than I. All deserving of better. All important to persistently give space to.

  1. Indigenous Peoples

  2. Agricultural Workers

  3. Those facing food insecurity

I'm prioritizing the urge to learn more about these topics before I indulge in family time.

Here is Three Resource I've Found:

  1. Learning about the struggles and inequities within the indigenous community from Native Voices and recognizes the significant role rights and autonomy of these peoples in part of my anti-racist journey.

  2. Tiktok: Sonia :) https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJCn12yW/

  3. Agricultural Workers

  4. Atlas Obscura https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-is-brussels-sprouts-radishes-celery-harvested

  5. Food Insecurity

  6. https://hungerandhealth.feedingamerica.org/understand-food-insecurity/

What can we do about this?

While the world is on freeze, socially distant, and in need of economic support: recognizing this problem, talking about the issues, and supporting the grass-root organizations making change.

  1. Keep learning, These resources I provide brush the surface ( to be honest, I just threw this together before my mother made me shut off the computer for the day.)

  2. Keep talking about it.

  3. Donating (if you can) or buying Native made products is an effective way to support these groups of people.

As responsible Americans, we must educate ourselves on the unfortunate and grim history of colonization in our country. This link https://decolonizeamerica.carrd.co/ is a great resource to find places to donate, keep learning about decolonizing America and supporting indigenous sovereignty.

Supporting those who work tirelessly to harvest our food is the least we could do. This link https://www.farmworkerjustice.org/make-a-donation-2/ offers more education and information on agricultural workers' situation and has a way to donate to Farmworkers Justice’s cause.

This link https://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank helps you find a food bank in your area where you can donate food or funds to continue supporting those with food insecurity. In contrast, we continue to fix our food system and advocate for more equality and economic empowerment for ALL.

Wishing all the best, and hoping this STARTS more change. Thank you to everyone already doing so.

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