Why Voting Matters To Us

I live in Eugene, Oregon, a state that always goes blue, so what the point in me voting then is? Well, not only is it a privilege that I get to vote but a responsibility. It is our responsibility to vote for a better world.

I recently received a pamphlet from Oregon on all the ballot measures, and whose on the ballot. I'm not going to lie; it's dense. Will, I read the entire thing cover to cover? To be honest, no, I won't. But I will spend some quality time over the next few weeks reading over arguments for and against propositions and analyzing which politician will have the publics' best interest in mind.

Significant change often starts small. For example, White Bird Clinic is a local non-profit in Eugene, Oregon, pioneering a new way for mental health services. Recently, Senator Ron Wyden and Representative of the Fourth District Peter Defazio introduced the CAHOOTS Act to reduce violence in mental health crisis response and strengthen community-based mental health resources.

That's one of many examples of people in leadership, making a difference for the people they are serving. Furthermore, there are so many other issues as well. The Better World Humans podcast focuses on education, human rights, sustainability, poverty alleviation, and public health. That arguably covers most social issues we are facing in the United States.

And that's the exact reason that voting matters to us. It's integral to the work we are doing, and we all must continue to empower not only ourselves but our friends and family to vote for change this November.

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