How to participate in the
Vote For A Better World Challenge

November 4, 2020, is National Election Day in the United States. This is one of the most critical elections in recent history for many reasons. That’s why it’s imperative to take the Vote 4 A Better World Challenge. America needs to hear your voice on the issues that matter to you to better our world. Our country is far from perfect, but we can use our voice through voting. 


The five actions listed below will not only help you get your voice heard but inspire others to use their voice too. The purpose of this challenge is to hold you accountable for voting responsibly, knowing the outcomes your vote can have. 


Join a community of Better World Humans and keep one another accountable throughout October to complete the challenge. 


How to complete the challenge?


After each action you take, tag us on a social media platform of your choice: 

IG @thebetterworldchallenge

FB The Better World Challenge

LinkedIn The Better World Challenge

Tik Tok @thebetterworldchallenge

Twitter @thebetterworld_


Example: If you register to vote, tag us in an IG story of your registration to encourage others to join the challenge!


Again, we highly encourage you to join our community of Better World Humans to share your experience and connect with others making the world a better place.

First Challenge

Register to Vote

It's the bare minimum. Register here. Share with us on social media that you're registered and ready for the upcoming elections!

Second Challenge 

Post Why Voting Matters to You

Grab a white piece of paper, write it in your notes, or tweet it but share it to the world why voting matters to you. Definitely make sure to tag us so we can share!

Third Challenge

Find And Research What's On Your Ballot

It's imperative to know who and what we're voting for. Go check out VOTE411 and find out what's on your ballot. Then, research who is on your ballot and cast your vote for the people and propositions you believe in. Then you know what to do, share your experience! You don't have to share who voted for just let people know how easy it is to educate ourselves.

Fourth Challenge

Have a Conversation With an Opposing Political View

Are you serious? Yup. Look at the end of the day, we are all humans, and polarization has made us hate the other side without even listening to them. You don't have to agree, but if we're going to come together as a nation, we have to participate in uncomfortable dialogue with one another. We have more in common then you think. You know what to after, share it, and if it's too personal, well, message us how it went.

Fifth and Final Challenge


This is the most important part! Make sure all the bubbles are filled in, your name is printed legibly, and you sign the ballot. Many ballots don't end up counting because of tiny little errors, so be careful and let the world know you voted! Oh yeah, and tag us :)

Bonus Challenge

Register to Be a Poll Worker

The Better World Challenge is located in Oregon so we can't be poll workers. But if you're a healthy individual in another state, it's bonus points if you register to be a poll worker. We will even send you a free sticker if you do, and also you get paid!

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The Better World Action Plan!

Recommended timeline to complete the challenge! We highly encourage you to set reminders on your phone and have an accountability partner or group. Join our community!

  1. Register to vote on October 1st, and post to your social media of choice that you're registered!

  2. By Thursday, October 8th post on social media why voting matters to you.

  3. By Thursday, October 15th know what's on your ballot.

  4. By Thursday, October 22nd have a civil conversation with someone with opposing political views as you.

  5. By November 4th, post a photo, story, or update that you have voted!